Love really can heal everything

A wise person once wrote, "I am tired of suffering.  I am tired of aloneness.  I desire to dissolve into love and to discover the truth of who I am."  The truth of who we all are is love.  Love can heal our bodies.  I have experienced it several times.  Once when I had a toothache,  I imagined the color of love, which is pink with a red center, massaging my mouth.  Just like a beam of light was penetrating my cheek.  The pain went away. I repeated that every time my tooth started to hurt. And every time it worked.  Next I took the feeling of love and massaged my stomach.  I have crohn's.  I tell myself everyday how wonderful I am.  I do amazing things like ---- (you fill in your own words).    My crohn's is barely there now.  I have cut my medication in half.   I don't have the courage to completely go off but hopefully someday soon I will. 

     You know the love you have for a pet?  That unconditional love.  That is what I am talking about.  Not the narcissism some have but the love of something or someone special.  Take that feeling.  Feel it, sense it, remember that feeling.  Now close your eyes and give yourself that love.  I can't stress this enough.  The most important thing you can do is love yourself.  Feel that inside.  The power we all want is inside.  The power is not with a friend, or a doctor but you and only you.  Take control of your destiny.  Look inside for everything you need by first loving yourself.


change the way you handle things

Compassion really can change the way we react to each other. The other day I was in a tight parking lot. A car was wanting my spot. I couldn't back out because that vehicle was blocking the way. I decided to get out of my car to ask the guy behind me to move. I could have approached him with anger but instead I took a deep breath and thought about love. I then thought about the word compassion. I wanted him to feel sorry for me. (I am a female driver after all ;) ) I had nowhere to go and needed help. Notice I put out the vibration of needing help. I changed my perspective. I could have lashed out at him but instead I showed him mercy and put down my words of weaponry. We in conjunction came up with a plan. If I hadn't changed my perspective and my vibration, the situation could have been bad. Next time you feel frustrated try looking outside the box. See things from a different perspective.

How to change the world

We are in a time of much confusion, excitement and disappointment.  With all the different emotions going on we all have one thing in common.  We all want change.  There is only one way to make a change and that is by changing ourselves.  Human beings are bundles of energy connected, all spinning around in the universe.  By being connected we have the power to change what we think which will influence other mindsets.  Yes, you have the power!!!  There are two magical things we can do. First, give ourselves permission to have patience and compassion for are own self and for others.  For some reason there is very little of this.  Granted, there is some but not enough.  Just drive down the street and you will notice what I am talking about.  And don't forget yourself.  So many people are hard on themselves.  We can be our own worse enemy.!!  We are all human.  We all make mistakes but we do things the best we can with the knowledge we have at that time .  That should be enough but unfortunately it is not viewed that way.  As long as we forgive and show compassion we are on the right road to changing the world.

Second, as the bible says "love thyself and thy neighbor".  LOVE is a huge tool.  We need more love for ourselves and our friends.  Sometimes it is hard to show love to those that have done us wrong but I have seen it first hand.  My husband can make me so mad but when I think to myself about love, the mood in the room changes.  I have seen him calm down.  When I lash back at him my stomach hurts the next day and nothing was accomplished.  Great ways to show love is by visualizing a pink beam of light that has a red center near the bottom of the beam.  I breath in the light and blow it out.  By breathing in I allow the negativity to come in and go out.  This allows my body to relax and let the tension go.  Every day we should imagine that beam of light spreading across the country.  It will make a difference, especially if we all do it.  

Remember these two simple things and YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.  You can make a difference.

Why is it important to use alternative ways of healing

God or our higher power has given us ways to heal ourselves.  Our ancestors from way back have used these techniques, such as herbs, oils, crystals, color and vibrations.  There are many different modes of healing.  Some will work for you better than others.  We are all different and such different things will resonate more than other means.  The big thing to understand is that you are in charge.  You have the ability to decide what is best.  Not your doctor, not your mom, not your husband or wife, not your sister or brother.  You and You alone know what is best. Don't get me wrong. Doctors our great.  They play a very important part in our health.  We need them.  However we also need to take control of our own bodies and minds.

For way to long now we have given our power over to the pharmaceutical companies.  These companies are making billions off us.  And these medicines all have side effects.  Sometimes there is little risk and sometimes there is a large risk!!  Why put your body in harms way?  For instance. There are proven ways to help cancer. But the pharmaceutical companies can't profit from it and therefore it is not promoted.  I feel this is wrong.  And that is why metaphysical healers can help.  Sometimes you still need the medicine and sometimes you don't.  This is not a black and white prescription.  But more of a total solution.